Kingdom Hearts III has been one of the most popular video game titles in recent memory, as the franchise's fans had been anxiously awaiting its official release following the release of Kingdom Hearts II in 2005. While Kingdom Hearts III has been out for a substantial amount of time now, Square Enix and Disney recently revealed the first official teaser trailer for the game's upcoming Re Mind DLC that will have many fans excited to jump back into the game's magical world. 

Monday, September 9th saw the Tokyo Game Show trailer for the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC be revealed to the whole world, and it was jam-packed with plenty of exciting action intertwined with a new chapter of the franchise's unique and awe-inspiring story. You can check out the newly released trailer below courtesy of the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account. 

The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC launches this Winter for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. 

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