More Kingdom Hearts III DLC was recently announced during the Kingdom Harts Orchestra: World of Tres showcase in Tokyo. Director Tetsuya Nomura took center stage to reveal to fans what the upcoming ReMIND content drop will have to offer for an adventure that was years in the making. 

According to various reports from Kingdom Hearts fans that attended the concert, ReMIND will offer both free and paid DLC options. The paid, also known as Premium, will obviously include more, including an extra ReMIND story, new bosses, two new episodes, and more. As for free DLC, all players will be able to enjoy a complimentary new Keyblade and new form to enjoy. 

Though the presentation that was shown to fans isn't available yet, the team shared a "little funny PowerPoint" to show off the upcoming content, though we don't have a release date or a price quite yet. As for the base game itself, Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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