Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX – Gummi Garage

Learn how to improve your ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities

Your gummi ship brings you to the worlds; without it, you wouldn’t be able to save anything more than Traverse Town. During your adventure, you will collect or buy gummi blocks that can be used to improve your ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

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You can hop onboard your gummi ship at most save points. When you do, the Navigational Map pops up and you can choose to travel to one of the currently accessible worlds. A world with a keyhole symbol means it’s been locked, while those undiscovered will only show the world’s battle level. If “Normal Drive” is displayed, you will have to travel through dangerous space territory to reach the world; planets marked with “Warp Drive” can be directly jumped to without battling through gummi space.


You can steer your gummi ship up and down, left and right, as you dodge obstacles and blast enemy spacecraft. You begin with basic capabilities and can upgrade your ship in the Gummi Garage with more advanced gummi blocks.


You have four readouts to monitor during gummi Œflight: armor, power, shield, and charge. For your starting ship, you won’t have to pay much attention to anything but your armor rating as you try to avoid obstacles, but as you redesign your ship, all these features will come into play.

Armor: Think of this as a gummi ship’s hit points. Lose all your armor and your gummi ship returns to your previous destination and you lose any gummi blocks that you accumulated on the trip. You can, however, replenish armor during flight by picking up items left behind by destroyed meteors. Adding gummi blocks with higher armor ratings will increase your ship’s armor.

Power: This is the fuel you need to operate certain gummi specialties, such as special weapons and Osmose-G blocks to attract Œfloating items to your ship. Shield: You must attach a Shield-G or Shield2-G to your ship to see this display. Shields act like extra armor; any hits to the ship first get absorbed by the shields before affecting armor.

Charge: You must attach a Haste-G or Haste2-G to your ship to see this display. Charge provides you with a turbo boost to quickly accelerate your ship for a short period of time. To use it again, you must wait for it to fully recharge.


The gummi ship allows you to Œfly around the Navigational Map and reach distant worlds. As you progress in the game, certain warp holes will open up and give you further access to locations. Review the following for all the flight routes, normal versus warp paths, and any complications you may run into during your travels:


Out in space, you will Œfly through countless destructible and indestructible obstacles on your Œflights between worlds. Some obstacles are just in the way; either dodge them or blow them to smithereens. Many obstacles, though, give you special items if you destroy them. Learn your obstacles to take full advantage of their benefits. Besides obstacles, you have enemies bent on your destruction. As with obstacles, you can evade or destroy them, but many will flight back. Upgrade your weapon early on to make sure you have the  repower to deal with big obstacles and more powerful enemies’ ships. Destroyed enemies leave behind gummi blocks, or 10 percent of the time they will leave behind a blueprint of their ship.


Obstacle HP Damage Item
Slab (blue) 50 25 Barrier
Small meteorite (green) 50 25
Medium-size meteorite (light blue) 50 25 EnergyorShield
Slab (yellow) 200 25
Small meteorite (purple) 200 25
Small meteorite (red) 300 25
Medium-size meteorite (blue) 400 25
Large meteorite (purple) 400 50 Special
Pole 500 25
Large meteorite (green) 800 50 Special
Slab (orange) 1000 25
Medium-size meteorite (green) 1000 25
Large meteorite (brown) 2000 50 Special
Barrier * 100
Fossilized lava * 50
Rock with holes * 50
Ring * 25
Cube * 25


If you start destroying things instead of evading them, you will start accumulating items. You can gain six different types of items by Œflying through the item as it oats in space. The following table explains each item, where it comes from, and what it’s good for:


Item  From  Details
Gummi Block  Enemy Ship  Remodel your gummi ship
Blueprint  Enemy Ship  Build a new gummi ship
Shield  Obstacle  Replenishes armor by one-half segment
Barrier  Obstacle  Replenishes shield by one segment
Energy  Obstacle  Replenishes power by one segment
Special  Obstacle  Replenishes all gauges to full

During your travels, you will be able to perform Gummi Ship Missions. Each world has three missions, and you earn points based on the mission requirements, such as destroying enemy ships or collecting items. For example, the “Survival of the Fittest” mission requires you to use two or fewer gummi blocks and arrive at your destination without taking any damage or using the brakes. To beat some of the tougher missions or to skyrocket your high score, build gummi ships that are tailored specifically for a certain mission.


So you want to create a new gummi ship? Enter the Gummi Garage from the Navigational
Map and watch Chip and Dale’s tutorial the first time you visit the garage.

Experiment with the garage controls and repeat the tutorial if you need any more
help. Explore the three-dimensional garage space and don’t be afraid to try different
combinations. Most of all, have fun!


Select the Garage option when you’re ready to build. You’ll see a list of all your blueprints: blue are for ships that you’ve saved; green must be built to the specifications of the model. If you don’t have enough gummi blocks to complete a ship, you can start building it and save it for further remodeling later. As you acquire new gummi blocks they will appear in the garage ready for your favorite vessel or brand-new ship.


Blueprint  Condition
Kingdom  Basic ship
Geppetto  Defeat Parasite Cage (second time) and speak to Geppetto
Cid  Defeat 500 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Cactuar  Defeat 1000 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Yuf_ e  Defeat 1500 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Aerith  Defeat 3000 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Leon  Defeat 4000 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Hyperion  Defeat 5000 Heartless, then speak with Geppetto
Chocobo  Visit Geppetto’s House in Traverse Town 30 times, then speak with Pinocchio
All Others  10% chance after ship’s destruction

Certain blueprints will require you to upgrade your computer system or construction area. If a blueprint’s model is too complex for your current setup, talk to Cid about purchasing a COM.LV2 or COM.LV3 upgrades. If a blueprint’s model is too large for your current setup, talk to Cid about purchasing the SYS.UP1 and SYS.UP2 upgrades. Next, select a gummi block. Left and right alters the type of block, from cockpit to weapon; up and down selects the specific gummi block you want to equip. You can rotate the block and/or the ship to find the best fit, then confirm your choice. A green dot above the confirmation symbol means the block can be installed, while red means the selected block is either not available or is incompatible with an existing ship part.


If you own a Spray gummi block, you can paint your gummi ship different colors.

Check that your gummi ship has all the parts you want in your garage before you save it. For example, you want your Engine blocks facing to the rear and you don’t want to forget to include weapons before leaving on missions.


There are a ton of options for your gummi ships. The best way to discover what you like is to play around with the gummi blocks that you find or purchase. Create various ships with different configurations to see which will be the keeper.

To help you get started, here’s the rundown on the main types of gummi blocks. See the “Gummi Parts” table for details on all the blocks. Armor: As discussed before, armor is your ship’s HP rating. Gummi blocks like Shell-G and Protect-G increase your armor.

Cockpits: You can’t fly without one! It’s your seat, after all. Cure-G and Curaga-G cockpits increase the benefits from armor as you collect recovery items, while Life-G and Full-Life-G cockpits automatically refill a portion of the armor gauge once during flight if your armor reaches zero.

Engines: These determine how fast your ship cruises. Fire-G, Flare-G, and Holy-G are examples of engine gummi blocks. Holy-G is the speediest and will rocket you through space, but you might want a slower engine if you plan on collecting items.

Weapons: You can have up to 10 weapons on certain gummi ships! The Thunder class of gummi provides your firepower, and Ultima-G is the finest weapon available. It will blast through some enemies and hit the enemies behind them as well, or it might loop around to strike the same enemy ship twice. Stack smaller weapons to form a barrage that obliterates enemies in one or two shots.

Wings: Your maneuverability is based on your wing gummi, which include the Aero class, Float-G, and Tornado-G. Special Gummis: Add new capabilities to your ship with gummis like Scan-G to spy enemy armor points and Osmose-G to suck items toward your craft.

For a full list of Gummi Parts, be sure to pick up the official Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Game Guide.

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