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Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode Details Tease A Much More Rewarding Challenge

by Liana Ruppert

Kingdom Hearts 3 was met with resounding praise fans and critics around the world. With more than a decade of waiting, players were able to once again step into the role of Sora and were pleased with the shocking ending that bodes well for the future of the franchise. That being said, one common complaint was how easy the overall game seemed to be, something that the upcoming Critical Mode aims to address. 

Co-Director Tai Yasue recently sat down with the folks over at Twinfinite during GDC to talk about upcoming DLC plans, including the ways that Square Enix offered up more of a challenge. Though he was careful not to reveal too much, he did talk about the more technical side of in-game mechanics, as well as changes to the minigames players could take part in. 

“We wanted to do it the right way so it’s not just superficial,” Yasue told the site about coming tweaks to the game. “We wanted a new experience there, and we realized there was a lot we could really actually do.”

Tasue continued by saying, “We added new abilities for example, for the critical mode, so you have a more technical based offensive battle style that you can enjoy.”

Stat boost enhancements, blocking mechanics, and more will all see a massive overhaul with the coming Critical Mode DLC, as well as changes to enemy AIs that players will encounter. 

The upcoming DLC and changes will be coming soon, though the base game itself can currently be enjoyed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those digging in for the first time (or for another playthrough), check out our Game Hub here for all of the best tips and tricks regarding the long-awaited game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. 


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