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Kingdom Come Deliverance Xbox One Update is Now Live

by Larryn Bell

After a lengthy certification process, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch 1.2 is finally available for download on Xbox One. This update first landed on PC as a day one patch for Kingdom Come, eventually arriving for PlayStation 4 users several days later. 

Due to some confusion regarding different patch versions across platforms, the developers at Warhorse Studios released an extensive post  explaining the different patches to help clarify the game’s complicated patching process. 

Kingdom Come Xbox Update Patch Notes

Today’s Xbox One update comes in at a hefty 9.5 GB, so be sure to carve out some time to download the update. According to the latest patch notes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Xbox One update fixes various quest bugs and adjusts how the game’s stealth mechanics work. Here’s what you can expect from Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch 1.2 on Xbox One:

  • Stealth and Stealth kills adjustment 
  • People now get dirty more gradually 
  • Additional quest bugs fixed 
  • Various optimizations

The patch updates for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Xbox One are lagging a bit behind the other two platforms. Earlier this week, Warhorse rolled out hotfix 1.2.5 for Kingdom Come on PC, which intended to fix various bugs like the unresponsive R2 button problem. However, due to a problematic game file that caused the Ginger in a Pickle quest to stop working properly, Warhorse rescinded the patch and has since reissued a correct version of hotfix 1.2.5 on PC. Hotfix 1.2.5 should be making its way to consoles soon.

The next major patch update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be Patch 1.3, which aims to incorporate a new way to save the game as well as improve the game’s stressful lockpicking  and pickpocketing mechanics.

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