With WWE 13 set for release is just under a month and a half, wrestling fans everywhere are anticipating THQ's best sim to date, loaded with superstars from both the past and present rosters.  But that's not all the company is including.

Today, THQ announced that they will be including the coveted King of the Ring Tournament, where you can have participants counting from 4 to 16 competing for the rights to be crowned king of the WWE.  Winning earns you the right to sit on the throne.

On top of that, the I Quit match will also be selectable in the game's menu system.  This is a match where you don't win by pinball or submission, but rather by making your opponent physically say, "I quit" – which, suffice to say, isn't as easy as it seems.  You'd best use outside weapons and intimidation to your advantage if you want them to utter those infamous words.

Look for WWE 13 in stores on October 30th.  We're already in a headlock, we're so excited for it.