Everyone likes Cookie Monster, right?  We sure do.  Even if he does steal all our cookies.  But soon you’ll be able to interact with him in ways you didn’t thought possible.  Oh, and Elmo too, if that’s your favorite character.

Microsoft has announced that its Sesame Street TV service, which it announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will be launching this fall.  The service will introduce a multitude of characters from the popular show in interactive fashion, where users can wave their arms and perform other motions using their Kinect device to “play along”, if you will.

However, Microsoft didn’t really clarify what format the channel would be released in.  There was a possibility it would be introduced through streaming over Xbox Live.  However, the company hasn’t really ruled out a possible retail release.  Mum’s the word thus far.

Regardless, Sesame Street TV should add a new degree of entertainment to the Xbox Live service.  And if it’s not your thing, remember that you still have access to the UFC and ESPN channels.  And you don’t have to worry about John Kruk eating your cookies.