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Killzone Trilogy Coming To PlayStation 3 On October 23rd

by Prima Games Staff

We can never get enough of killing the Helghast — especially in Killzone 3, which remains one of this generation’s most polished first person shooters.  But if you want to relive the legacy in full, we’ve got some good news.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has announced that they will be shipping Killzone Trilogy on October 23rd here in the US, selling for a reasonable $39.99.  It features similar font and artwork to previously released HD collections, including Ratchet and Clank, God of War and Infamous.

The collection comes with Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 on specially-branded discs, as well as all of their respective downloadable content, free of charge.  But the real kicker is the inclusion of a 720p-supported Killzone HD, which can be downloaded through the PlayStation Network.  (On a side note, Sony has announced that the game will be available for separate purchase as well.)

We’ll have the lowdown on Killzone HD in the weeks ahead, but for $40, you’re getting a swell shooting trilogy here.  Go get your friends — even if they’re Helghast — and have a ball.


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