Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 7 – The Handler

Complete guide to Chapter 7 - The Handler in Killzone: Shadow Fall, including a full trophy and collectibles list.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 7 – The Handler

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  • Audio Log #25 | Researcher Log 1
  • Comic #24 | Pages 47-48
  • Comic #25 | Pages 49-50
  • Dossier #13 | Thomas Sinclair
  • Comic #26 | Pages 51-52
  • Audio Log #26 | Researcher Log 2
  • Dossier #14 | The Spire
  • Newspaper #6 | New Helghan News
  • Comic #27 | Pages 53-54 


  • The Handler [Complete the chapter]

As the mission begins, you must pilot your way through the asteroid field. Just like the zero gravity in the third chapter, The Doctor, follow the on-screen instructions to move up and down. Use the left stick to move forward, backwards and side-to-side while the right stick can be used to move your head. Keep an eye on the screen for instructions on how to boost or brake as well. Once you breach, you should be back to normal controls.

There won’t be any resistance to begin, so start moving towards your objective and have your OWL hack the computer system. Go through the door and head across the platform. Jump off the platform to start your free fall. Use the on-screen controls to navigate through the obstacles. After landing, run around to the right. Order your OWL to hack the three Spider Mine Pods, but beware, they dispense Spider Mines on proximity. Try to give the order from a safe distance. Head towards your objective and use the access panel to open the door. Your primary weapon is the LSR 44. By pressing down on your D-Pad, you will use its secondary fire mode, which can destroy enemy energy shields. Use the secondary fire mode to disable the lone soldier’s shield and then switch back to your primary fire mode to finish him off. 

Pro Tip: You can also disable energy shields by setting your OWL to stun mode. This is done by swiping left on the touchpad and ordering it to attack with L1.

Once the room is clear, order your OWL to hack the computer system and go through the door. You’ll encounter more soldiers with energy shields. Either use the secondary fire mode on your LSR 44 or have your OWL disable the shields, then kill the Helghast soldiers. When the room is clear, use the access panel to open the next door. Drop down through the floor and perform a melee attack on the soldier below. 

As you move forward, you’ll come upon what appears to be a large warehouse with catwalks and a floor level below. There are multiple soldiers with energy shields and more pesky Spider Mine Pods. Take all the time you need. Order your OWL to hack and disable the Spider Mine Pods and use the secondary fire mode on your LSR 44 to disable the solder’s energy shields. When all the threats are down, head back to where you first entered the large warehouse area. There’s a room you passed with a computer system inside. Order your OWL to hack it. Continue on to your next objective, which is just across the catwalk in the next room. Go inside and use the access panel to open the oxygen filtration hatch. When the hatch is open, run towards it to zip line down.

After you zip line down, you’ll be in the maintenance section. Order your OWL to hack the security panel to open the door. Be aware of a drone that will attack you from behind. It goes down easily enough. Go through the door and head to the right. Watch out for drones patrolling the area. Use the access panel to use the bridge, but before crossing, take the Helghast soldiers down on the other side. After you cross the bridge, you’ll come out on a platform. There are soldiers and a turret below, so surprise them for a bit of an advantage. If they cause too much trouble, retreat back up the stairs and regroup. 

When the area is clear, move down and head through the door where the turret was located. There are a lot of Helghast in the next room, so use your Tactical Echo to locate them before moving in. If you have any grenades left, now is a great time to use them. Several soldiers are positioned near the door, so toss one inside to clear them out. When the room is clear, run through it and head through to the next area. It’s more of the same here. Remember to use your OWL and Tactical Echo to help even the playing field against the Helghast. Clear this room and keep moving towards your objective. When you get to a door that won’t open, order your OWL to hack the computer system to bypass it. 

Walk through the doors to get your first up close and personal meeting with Dr. Hillary Massar. It takes her a moment to realize that it’s a Shadow Marshal there to bring her in. When she does, she tells Lucas that he’s too late, that the weapon has reached a potential she didn’t realize was possible on the ISA Cassandra. Dr. Massar tells Lucas that the Helghast have had to endure and survive, and that the Vektan are preventing them from moving on and realizing their true potential. She says they cannot do that as long as the Vektan exist. She finishes by telling Lucas, “You’re all going to die.” 

Sinclair orders you to head to the extraction with Dr. Massar. Soon after, the Helghast will attack and Massar runs off. Take them down but focus on your objective, which is the window. Run up to it, plant the explosives and get back. Detonate when you’re a safe distance away. This will cause you to enter a zero gravity situation much like you’ve experienced before. Dr. Massar begins to talk to you over a radio, telling you that you’ve destroyed her laboratory and that the Helghast won’t let her leave. You tell her to keep the transport moving while you deal with the threats. 

Threats come in swarms of drones. Massar will call them out if you don’t deal with them as fast as she’d like. It’s fairly straightforward, just shoot the threats as they show up in front of you. They do increase in intensity, and every so often a container will block Massar’s path. Act quickly to destroy both the swarms of drones and the containers. When you reach your destination, do as Massar says and cycle the airlock using the access panel.

Your new objective is to rendezvous with the extraction team. It should be clearly indicated on your screen. If not, simply press Up on the D-Pad to display it. It’s a fairly easy walk to meet up with your extraction team. Enjoy the banter between Lucas and Massar where she tells him she won’t stop the threat. 

When you do meet up with the extraction team, the ship is broken, so you’ll have to hold off the Helghast while they acquire alternate transportation. Head upstairs to grab some ammunition and weapons. Try the Pnv06 Voltage if you’re looking for something that does extremely high damage and will cut through enemy energy shields. This part is nothing fancy, just take up a defensive position and keep working your way through the waves of enemy Helghast. Eventually, an enemy drop ship will come at you with heavily armored drones as support. Head upstairs, take control of the bomber’s cannon and start engaging the drones. The cannon is quite strong, so taking the drones down should be fairly easy. It’s more about moving quickly than it is about punching through their armor. 

As the Helghast fall back, Echo shows up and tells you that Dr. Massar cannot be handed over to the Vektans and Sinclair. A brief stand-off ensues with a Vektan soldier and Echo pointing weapons at one another. Sinclair is screaming at Lucas to take her out, but before he can do anything, Echo shoots the Vektan sergeant and Massar, killing them both. Lucas reports to Sinclair that Massar is dead, and that he — Lucas — must trust Echo. Sinclair tells Lucas he cannot guarantee his safety anymore. Lucas and Echo head out to intercept a drop ship entering Helghan’s atmosphere and try to destroy the weapon. Pilot your craft towards the drop ship until Echo tells you to ditch it, ending the chapter.

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