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KickBeat Pounds PlayStation 3 and Vita Next Month

by Prima Games Staff

Zen Studios has had a terrific year thus far, between the release of Star Wars Pinball and the awesome strategy/action game Castlestorm. However, it’s not done yet, as another title will soon join the party.

KickBeat, a unique game that blends stylish fighting with music/rhythm action, will finally arrive next month following three years in development. The game will be Cross-Buy across PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, so you only need to pay once to get both versions.

The game features a unique gameplay system where you fight enemies in a circular fashion while executing moves to the beat of a song. It’s good stuff, based on what we’ve played so far.

KickBeat features licensed tracks from such artists as Pendulum, Marilyn Manson and Blue Stahli, as well an in-game track generator, where you can create your own music while playing along to it.  Yes, you can be a DJ and a fighting master at the same time.  

KickBeat unleashes its rhythmic fury on September 3rd for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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