It's been an interesting story for the Bioshock franchise when it comes to multiplayer inclusion.  The original game didn't have it, mainly because it created such an immersive single player campaign that it wasn't really necessary.  For the sequel, 2K Games chose to put in multiplayer, but it was a mixed bag at best, not even holding up to the likes of what Call of Duty had to offer.

And now we're right back to where we started.  Ken Levine, front runner over at Irrational Games – where the forthcoming Bioshock Infinite is finishing up development – has confirmed via Twitter that the sequel will not include any sort of multiplayer, instead focusing on the single player experience – a similar strategy to the first game.

It's been reported that multiplayer was considered for a time, before staff changes over at Irrational forced the team to scrap them, but nothing has been confirmed by Levine or his staff at this time.  Ah, well, that just means more single player to enjoy, right?

Look for Bioshock Infinite to hit stores this February on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.