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Kelsier From Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Novels is Coming to Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

While perhaps not as immediately recognizable to Fortnite players as Marvel and DC characters, Kelsier from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series is set to make an appearance in Fortnite. 

The news was previously teased by the official Twitter account for Fortnite, and was later confirmed by Brandon Sanderson directly on Reddit. It’s noted that this collaboration isn’t a huge crossover event, it’s more the result of a pre-existing friendship between Brandon Sanderson and Fortnite’s Donald Mustard. 

Kelsier From Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Novels is Coming to Fortnite

If you’re a fan of the Mistborn series by author Brandon Sanderson, you may want to keep an eye out for Kelsier in Fortnite. That’s right, a collaboration is taking place between Fortnite (in particular, Director Donald Mustard) and Brandon Sanderson.

The reference to Mistborn in Fortnite was first teased by the game’s official Twitter account. Some people figured it out based on the social media tease, while others avoided too much speculation, preferring instead to wait for direct confirmation.

That direct confirmation was later provided by Brandon Sanderson himself in a statement on Reddit.

“Well, it’s finally out! Yes, we’re doing Kelsier in Fortnite. So what’s going on behind the scenes? Well, Donald Mustard (director of Fortnite) is a friend of mine. We worked on Infinity Blade together back in the day. So, he asked if I was interested in sticking Kelsier into the game — and I thought it was cool.

So we’ve been working on that for a few months. Like I said (and several of you confirmed in this thread) it’s not something I expect my general fanbase to go crazy over — but it’s nifty, and I hope it will be fun for those of you who enjoy both properties.

It’s also been a blast to work with the Fortnite team. They’ll release more, but don’t expect a huge crossover event. It’s just a little fun thing that I’m doing with my friend, who happens to have accidentally made one of the most popular games of all time.”

As outlined by Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn fans shouldn’t expect too much in the way of a huge crossover event, though they should expect to see Kelsier in the game at the very least.

As soon as more information is provided regarding the introduction of Kelsier from Mistborn into Fortnite, we’ll be sure to share that information with you.

Until then, what do you think of the collaboration between Brandon Sanderson and Fortnite with confirmation that Mistborn’s Kelsier is being added to Fortnite?

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