Journey Compilation Coming to PS3

Hints journey into confirmation territory

Eagle-eyed Twitterer Supperannuation has spotted a listing for a PS3 Journey compilation on Gamefly (it’s gone now).

The compilation hints that all three PlayStation Network games will be included in the bundle, so that would be Flow, Flower and Journey.

While listings like this are often accurate, sometimes they can prove to be from companies who’ve jumped the gun on products that might not be happening at all. This time round though, developer of all three titles thatgamecompany has confirmed the package via Twitter with the following:

“Yes, the ‪#JourneyPS3‬ Collector’s Edition is a thing, and it includes ‪#flOwPS3‬ and ‪#FlowerPS3‬, but we can’t say anything more.”

The game is currently listed on PlayAsia as Journey (Collector’s Edition), with a release window of Fall 2012.

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