Johnny Gat Returns for Saints Row IV

Keith David isn't the only cool guy in the game.

Saints Row IV is almost here.  This week, Deep Silver will host a star-studded panel that features voice actors – including the one and only Keith David – talking about the game.  Today, the company added another familiar face to the franchise – the returning Johnny Gat.

The hotheaded gunman, who was voiced by Daniel Dae Kim in Saints Row the Third, supposedly met his demise in the beginning of the adventure.  However, it looks like he either survived or was somehow resurrected in virtual Steelport, as he helps your character, the President, fight back against the alien horde. You can check out the poster for Gat’s return below.

It’s good to have Gat back.  You’ll need every good fighter you can find when it comes to squashing aliens. Don’t believe us?  Read our impressions to see how crazy it gets.

Saints Row IV will arrive for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC August 20th.

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