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Johnny Gat Returns in New Saints Row IV Trailer

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday, we broke the news direct from Deep Silver that Johnny Gat, one of the more popular characters from Saints Row the Third was returning for another bout in next month’s Saints Row IV. Today, Deep Silver did one better, releasing a new Comic-Con trailer with Gat in action.

The trailer features a naked Gat – yes, you read that correctly, he’s in the buff – reteaming with your main character, the President, to battle a sinister alien force. He’s just as powerful as he’s ever been, snapping necks, shooting enemies and even using super abilities.

Warning, the trailer is a bit NSFW, as it does have blurred nudity and cursing.  It wouldn’t be Saints Row IV otherwise, now would it?

Saints Row IV will arrive August 20th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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