QuakeCon 2013 is days away from happening in Dallas, Texas, and if you're going to the yearly LAN event, there's going to be a lot happening.

First up, John Carmack, id Software co-founder and technical director, will deliver more than a keynote.  He'll host a presentation called "The Physics of Light and Rendering," which takes place on August 2nd at 5PM central. If you're a science fan, don't miss this.

Quake Live tournaments will also take place in both head-to-head and three-person team set-ups. It's intended for professionals, but fans will want to stick around and watch these pros in action.

Last but not least, there is a huge list of exhibitors attending the event, including the following:

-505 Games

-ADATA Technology


-BAWLS Guarana

-Cooler Master

-CPU Magazine


-Enermax & LEPA



-Glitch Gaming Apparel



-In Win


-Interceptor Entertainment



-Micro Center



-PC Perspective

-Plantronics Gaming

-Symbiote Studios


-UPPER Cut Circuit



The console version of 505 Games' Rekoil will debut, and Interceptor Entertainment will celebrate its release of Rise of the Triad as well.

If you still want to register for QuakeCon, head over here and make sure to bring your own gaming PC.