"I want to live a life of danger!"  If you ever found yourself uttering these words, chances are you've dreamt of being a stuntman.  But where can you have such an experience without worrying about the actual physical pain of the job?  Well, leave it to Joe Danger.

Hello Games' critical darling made his rounds on PlayStation Network a couple of years back, before moving on to greater success on the Xbox 360.  Now his comeback vehicle, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, is finally ready to make its debut, after months of being shown at trade events.

Hello Games and Microsoft announced today that the game will arrive on Xbox Live on September 14th for the respectable price of $14.99.

In the game, you guide Joe through a number of movie-based challenges, inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and James Bond, among other locales.  You'll be able to compete with others through races and leaderboards, and perform a number of acts of derring-do.

It's looking like a blast, so be sure to check it out when it drops on Xbox Live Marketplace next week.  Because really, who can deny the charm of a stuntman?!