Sega has officially announced the release dates for its forthcoming Dreamcast re-release, one that features great high-resolution visuals, fast gameplay, and one of the best gaming soundtracks you’re likely to ever hear.


The game will sell for $9.99 (800 Microsoft points) and will be available first on PlayStation Network, offered on September 11th exclusively for PlayStation Plus fans. It’ll release to the general public one week later on September 18th.


Following that, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam will be getting the game on September 19th. Last but not least, the PlayStation Vita version will hit on October 16th. No word yet if it’ll support Cross-Play features, but here’s hoping.


The original release was a blast, so if you like innovative gameplay or a stylish ride through a cel-shaded city, don’t hesitate to get rockin’ with Jet Set. Check out our preview for more details!