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Jeff Kaplan Responds to Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma Leak

by Nicholas Barth

The attention of the Overwatch community has been focused on a new leak that surfaced on Thursday, July 18th that looked to have possibly leaked the identity of Hero 31. With this leaked name of Overwatch Hero 31 being Sigma, the identity of the mysterious character was a topic of discussion between popular Overwatch player Brandon “Seagull” Larned and the first-person shooter title’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan during a recent stream. 

While appearing on a stream with Seagull, Jeff Kaplan was asked by viewers about the leaked name of Sigma. Kaplan did not confirm or deny Sigma is the true identity of the game’s Hero 31 with his response to the inquiries by members of the community. 

“That’s a mystery to me. That sounds really cool and by mystery I mean it’s not a mystery at all, but there’s a lot of exciting things coming this Summer. This is going to be a very dramatic week for Overwatch I think. I think this patch is going to be pretty awesome,” said Jeff Kaplan. 

The leak of Overwatch Hero 31 being Sigma came to light thanks to a tweet posted by the World Cup team for Mexico. A series of images were posted with the Tweet that was discussing the reveal of the new role lock feature coming to the first-person shooter game. One of these images showed a player’s profile page with the playtime of various heroes for the particular player. This is where a never before seen portrait of a character with the name of Sigma appeared next to a total playtime of 9 minutes. 

Only time will tell if the leaked name of Sigma and the new portrait are only placeholders or are the first look players have gotten of Overwatch Hero 31. 

Nicholas Barth

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