Items Wiped by Outriders Glitch Will Be Returned to Players With God Roll Stats

You’ll get your items back, but better.

After a glitch resulted in inventory wipes for Outriders players, Square Enix and People Can Fly have come up with a solution to make things right. First and foremost, the glitch that caused the inventory wipe has already been patched. Second, they’re working to give players back the items they lost… but better.

Apparently, players will get their lost items back with “God Roll” values. 

Items Wiped by Outriders Glitch Will Be Returned to Players With God Roll Stats

In a post on the Outriders subreddit, Square Enix shared information about the patch deployed to fix the inventory wipe glitch along with ways the team is working to make things right for affected players. According to the post, lost items will be restored to players with “God Roll” values. 

“We’re aiming to restore as many lost items and accolades as possible,” the Reddit post explains.

Restored items will be God Rolls. Characters encountering the ‘Couldn’t Connect to Server’ login error will no longer encounter this error once restoration is complete. Restoration testing is currently underway and we aim to provide an exact schedule for completed restorations ASAP.” 

The post goes on to recommend players review the thread dedicated to item restoration news and updates. In that thread, additional details are provided regarding the way in which items will be restored with these “God Roll” stats.

“Items granted will have the same attribute combinations but with God Roll values. This means that these items will be at least the same if not better quality than the originally lost items. Items will be granted at the character’s highest available equip level taking World Tiers and Challenge Tiers into consideration.” 

Other things for Outriders players to look forward to include Community Appreciation Packages which will be granted to all players after the Inventory Restoration process has been completed.

Players who played Outriders between March 31 and April 16 are eligible, along with players who performed an automatic inventory wipe restoration. Included in these Community Appreciation Packages are the following, with text courtesy of the post on the Outriders subreddit.

“Your highest leveled character will receive: 

  • A level appropriate Legendary Weapon
  • A level appropriate amount of Titanium
  • The emote “Frustration”, which is otherwise unobtainable at this moment in time. The irony here was not intentional but is fitting.”

The post was shared yesterday, and according to that post the team is still working on when this Community Appreciation Package will be delivered. You can read more about the Community Appreciation Package here

The patch for the inventory wipe glitch isn’t the only patch that Outriders players can expect as the team is working on a patch for Stadia which should release the week of April 26, and additional patches featuring performance improvements and bug fixes.

The team also shared a note that they are working to provide “more background on past changes and our overall balancing plans for the game” with an update on this to be shared in the near future. 

Overall, it’s exciting to hear that not only has the inventory wipe glitch been addressed, but affected players will be receiving their items back with God Roll values. Eligible players will also be receiving Community Appreciation Packages with some cool goodies included.

After reading about the updates on inventory item restoration, we’re curious to hear how you feel about the situation. Are you happy the inventory wipe glitch has been resolved, and that items will be restored with God Roll values? Are you hoping to hear more about future patches?

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