It Takes Two Steam Deck Verified
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It Takes Two Is Now Steam Deck Verified, Removes EA App Requirement

Deck sized adventures!

It Takes Two, one of the best games of 2021 just received a substantial update for Steam Deck owners, and it’s now officially verified for the handheld device. There’s a lot more to go through with this announcement though, but if you’ve been waiting to play It Takes Two on the Steam Deck, now is the best time to do so.

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It Takes Two – Steam Deck Verified

First, It Takes Two is now officially Steam Deck verified! This means that it’s not only optimized for the handheld but it passes all the checks set up by Valve.

These checks ensure that the game has correct controller inputs, all the text is legible on the screen, and the overall performance is satisfactory at the settings recommended for the device.

EA App Requirement Removed

Not only is It Takes Two Steam Deck verified, but you don’t need to log into the mandatory EA App anymore. They have made that entirely optional. Players will still need an EA account to access the servers for online co-op, but there isn’t any additional launcher requirement anymore.

Invite Steam Friends

You can now send and accept invite requests to your Steam friends list. This makes joining games even easier because you don’t have to use the EA App anymore. There’s also a new version of the friends pass which is recommended if you don’t want to use the EA App.

Finally, It Takes Two now uses Steam Cloud for cloud saves instead of EA App. Previous saves stored in the EA App’s cloud can’t be retrieved at this point. You can read the detailed FAQ about this update on Steam.

It’s nice to see the game still getting love in 2024. It’s still one of the best games to play with your significant other and is endlessly creative. Hazelight Studios ported the title to the Nintendo Switch in 2022, and we’re excited to see what the developers have planned next.

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