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Issue 002 of Physical Gaming Journal [lock-on] Coming to Kickstarter August 17

by Morgan Shaver

If you’re feeling nostalgic for physical video game magazines, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel that way, and some are taking steps to combat the lack of physical magazines by creating their own.

One fantastic example of this is [lock-on] created by indie publisher and design studio Lost In Cult

Issue 001 has received a number of positive reviews from recipients who’ve made comments praising the quality and aesthetic of the magazine, along with the phenomenal written work featured throughout the magazine from contributing writers. 

If you missed Issue 001 and want to check out Issue 002, your chance is fast approaching in the form of a Kickstarter campaign set to go live next Tuesday, August 17. 

Update 8/17/21: The Kickstarter for Issue 002 of [lock-on] is now live!

Issue 002 of Physical Gaming Journal [lock-on] Coming to Kickstarter August 17

The physical games magazine [lock-on] from indie publisher and design studio Lost In Cult successfully released their first issue and are now planning a Kickstarter campaign for Issue 002. The Kickstarter campaign was teased on Twitter, with Lost In Cult noting:

“If you’ve just cracked open [lock-on] 001, better get cracking and read it soon. [lock-on] 002, the second volume of your favorite premium gaming mag, is coming – and we need your help to make it happen! The Kickstarter for Issue 002 starts August 17!” 

According to Owner and Art Director at Lost In Cult, Jon Doyle, this current week has been an eventful one with the announcement of Issue 002 of [lock-on], the announcement of a new trading card game that comes free with Issue 002, and the Kickstarter campaign which has been submitted for approval. 

The trading card game information is particularly exciting for those looking to grab Issue 002.

Adding to this, fans of the indie horror game Mundaun should keep an eye out for [lock-on] 002 as it’ll feature a 28 page “expanded gallery spotlighting evocative artwork from @dasmirts” which will accompany the magazine’s article on the game called, The Mountains of Madness.

As fans of Mundaun who’ve covered the game in the past, we’re very much looking forward to seeing this.


Now, it may seem weird to some that we’re promoting a Kickstarter for a physical video game journal like [lock-on] given that we also report on video games, but for us it’s no different than our pieces on Kickstarters for indie games. It’s a cause worth supporting.

Keep in mind also that this is an indie publication that’s supported by fan donations which come from people who believe strongly in the work the team is doing, ourselves included. Any and all support makes a huge difference.

In conclusion, we feel strongly there’s a need for physical video game magazines like [lock-on] and want to support them by signal boosting the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Issue 002. The magazine is the result of love, hard work, and passion, and that should be celebrated and supported, just as indie games themselves should be celebrated and supported. 

So, if you’re looking to fill the void of physical video game magazines, you should definitely consider supporting [lock-on] and the Kickstarter for Issue 002



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