Despite the departure of developer SuperBot Entertainment and some criticisms stating that the game is, well, too Smash Bros. like, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale continues to rumble on, and this coming March, you'll be able to add some new faces to the roster.

Isaac Clarke, the long-suffering hero from the Dead Space franchise, will be making his downloadable debut in the game, capable of firing all sorts of different shots to incapacitate enemies, including statis and laser blasts.

Also joining the fray is the main enemy from God of War III, the all-powerful Zeus, who will use his size and stature to put his foes in a world of pain, along with a Level 3 super that has him looming over the state, smashing opponents like ants.

In addition to the two new characters, an additional stage will be introduced, one that combines the graveyard element from the classic Medievil series with the cool paint touch-ups of the recently released PSN indie game The Unfinished Swan.  It's a very cool effect, one that should add some unpredictability to each fight.

Though pricing hasn't been announced yet, this new pack will be released for the game on March 19th.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is available now for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.