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Is the News About a Persona 3 Remake Too Good to be True?

Is it a leak or a very good-looking mod?

With all these remakes coming out in the last few years, it should come as no surprise when a company announces a remake of a popular game, but Persona 3? Have we even heard about this until now when there’s footage out? After coasting on the good vibes and success that have come from Persona 5 Royal, is P-Studio really rallying up to the remake hype?

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Regarding the Leaked Game Footage

Sega and Atlus experienced some major breaches by way of the leaked footage of not just a possible Persona 3 Remake, but a revamped Jet Set Radio and more footage behind Sonic Frontiers. This clip has been rotating around the internet over the last few days with people scrambling to figure out if it is true or not. As far as Sega or Atlus addressing the claims, they’ve been pretty quiet on their front and will likely not disclose anything until they have the public forum to do so. With events lined up for the summer, we may just hear some more gaming news straight from the publishers themselves. 

How Likely Are We to Get a Persona 3 Remake?

Is it possible? Is it true? It is actually more likely than you think. Not to get your hopes up, but Sega and Atlus especially have been making waves to make a point of steering the limelight on their Persona lineup. Not only has Persona 5 Royal made them incredibly popular but, as of this year in January, they had released Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable to run on more user-friendly platforms so that players can experience these games again. This may be because they want to generate hype for those games that have existed for years but have been limited to their previous consoles. 

Let’s be clear, it may still be some time before we actually see the release of a Persona 3 Remake, but to receive official news that they are working on it? It would be sure to rile up Persona fans everywhere! Another possible indicator is that it is already confirmed that the game developers have been working on remakes as well as Persona 6. Though they may just trade up further developing Persona 6 in exchange for carrying on the hype of the many remakes that have been coming out and selling well. 

Between the publishers amping up their old games to keep up the excitement about the Persona games along with confirmed intel about Atlus and P-Studio working on Persona 6, we may just be looking at a chance to see one of the best Persona games to be seeing their remake in the near future!

Have you seen the footage yourself? It looks fairly real in terms of their new style that has been adopted in Persona 5, but I’ve seen fan-made animations that have proven to be quite detailed and well-animated. Take a look and make your bets now!

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