To prepare gamers for its upcoming DLC for Bioshock Infinite, "Burial At Sea," Irrational Games has released a new image for the character model Elizabeth, to provide an idea just how much she's changed for the upcoming tale.  She isn't wearing her signature blue dress anymore.  Instead, she's dolled up in a stunning pink long-sleeve top with collar, long black skirt and cross leggings.  Her hair is also completely different, as she lets it down instead of wearing it short.

Why are there multiple images of her in the picture?  Relax, there's only one Elizabeth to worry about. Irrational simply wanted to provide a look at her from all angles, in case would-be cosplayers wanted to dress up as her at upcoming events – and you know they will.

Burial At Sea will release later this year across the board, on Steam/PC, Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.  There's no word yet on pricing.

Bioshock Infinite is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam/PC.  Be sure to check out our dedicated game page here.