World of Warcraft Classic is currently the talk of the video game world, as the vanilla version of the high-profile MMO is officially launching throughout today and tomorrow. With the Classic version of World of Warcraft known as arguably the most popular video game in history, it is not surprising to see a great deal of interest surrounding the launch of the game's very first version once again. This massive amount of attention is clearly shown by the insane amount of viewers who are currently watching World of Warcraft Classic on the streaming platform of Twitch.

At the time of this writing, there are currently 613,000 viewers watching streams in the World of Warcraft Twitch directory to witness all of the first Classic action from a variety of high-profile content creators. Leading the way for the massive number of viewers currently watching the MMO title are Asmongold (182,000 viewers), Sodapoppin (66,000 viewers), and TimTheTatMan (39,300 viewers). 

This massive number of viewers is even more impressive considering it is causing the World of Warcraft Classic Twitch directory to be far ahead of the massively popular Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite directories before players can even play World of Warcraft Classic. With this in mind, it would not be surprising to see the total number of viewers for World Warcraft Classic skyrocket even more throughout the rest of today and tomorrow when the community can actually play the highly anticipated return of the MMO title's most famous version. 

How many Twitch viewers do you think the World of Warcraft Classic version can attain during its official launch? Will a streamer break a viewership record or two? Let us know your predictions over on Twitter at @primagames!