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Injustice: Gods Among Us – Guide Preview – Aquaman – Strategy

by Prima Games Staff

You may have heard us mention the word strategy here before. That’s because it’s key to being the best. Button bash all you like and you might beat the amateurs but once you go up against anyone with a little know-how you’ll be doomed to a slew of infuriating losses. Below is everything you’ll need to play like a champion.

Using Whirl Pool (Back + Hard) and For Neptune (Forward + Hard)

There really isn’t any benefit to using one attack over the other as both attacks cover the same range, both launch, and both lead to the exact same combos. The only difference is Whirl Pool will activate stage transitions and is easier to juggle after due to the kind of launch it gives.

Using Shark Strike (Down + Light)

Shark Strike is one of the best pokes in the Injustice roster. It out-ranges most other Down + Light attacks, making this an ideal tool in a poking/counter-poking situation. When this attack hits, Aquaman is at advantage and can follow up with his From The Depths (Back + Light, Medium) attack string, and the opponent cannot interrupt your attack string follow up unless he or she uses a Super Move.

After landing a successful Shark Strike in open space, the opponent can backward dash out of your From The Depths attack string follow up. However, if you follow up the advantage after Shark Strike hits with your From The Deep (Down, Back + Medium) ground trident attack or your Trident Rush Special Move, your opponent will be hit as he or she attempts to backward dash away.

Using Rising Trident (Down + Medium)

This is one of the best uppercuts in the game and is Aquaman’s staple anti-air. What makes this attack work so well is how far the trident rises into the air. Jumping opponents cannot hit Aquaman out of this attack without connecting with a hit to his body—just hitting his trident isn’t enough. When this attack is timed right against a jumping opponent, there is no way to make contact with Aquaman without first going through his trident.

Using From The Deep (Down, Back + Medium)

From The Deep appears beneath Aquaman’s opponent’s feet, regardless of his or her position on the screen. You can also use From The Deep to punish an opponent on a decent from a jump anywhere on the screen.

This attack can actually be timed to beat out or trade with some of the quicker projectile attacks in the game. Even in a situation where your From The Deep attack trades with a projectile, most projectiles do not knock down, whereas this attack does. This allows Aquaman to attack with another From the Deep as his opponent is getting up.

Meter Burn From The Deep has the same properties and uses as the normal version of the attack with an added feature: it now launches your opponent, allowing for a juggle anywhere on the screen. When an opponent is even as far away as full screen, your Meter Burn From The Deep allows for a normal From The Deep follow up for a 20% juggle combo.

From The Deep is also a great tool to use in wakeup situations. After knocking your opponent down, a properly timed From The Deep attack can stuff certain wakeup attacks or any other option besides getting up and blocking. This attack is also a great ranged whiff punisher as it allows you to punish your opponent’s missed attacks from anywhere on the screen.

Using Trident Slam (Back + Medium) and From The Depths (Back + Light, Medium)

This attack is an overhead launcher that you can try to use as a mix-up with Aquaman’s low starting From The Depths (Back + Light, Medium) attack string, and you will have some success with this mix-up at the lower to middle levels of competition. Higher levels of play is where this mix-up becomes harder to use due to how much slower Trident Slam’s start-up is in comparison to the first hit of the From The Depths attack string, making it harder to fool a highly skilled opponent.

From The Depths is your main attack string. It starts with a fast low attack, forcing opponents to constantly be crouch blocking anytime they are reasonably close to Aquaman. It’s also safe when blocked, so there is no real consequence for poking with it. When this attack hits, it can be hit confirmed and canceled into Aquaman’s Trident Scoop launcher.

This attack string has a range of just outside of sweep range, making this your main whiff-punishing tool from just outside of sweep distance to close range.

Using Trident Toss (Back, Forward + Medium)

Aquaman’s Trident Toss is the perfect complement to his From The Deep attack when it comes to screen control. Trident Toss can be used to catch opponents attempting to jump out of your From The Deep attack, forcing them to time their jumps rather than constantly jump in random anticipation of an attack. Trident Toss also comes in handy as a tool to help Aquaman keep up with some of the more powerful projectile characters in the game.

Using Jump In Attacks And Cross Ups

Jumping Light is used for close-range jump in attempts as well as cross up jump attempts.

Jumping Medium is best suited for jumping in on your opponent from a distance, or in air-to-air combat situations.

Jumping Hard should be used only at very close range. This attack gives more of an ambiguous cross up jump then your jumping Light attack, and while it produces a launcher when it hits, this attack can be hard to juggle off of when it hits a crouching opponent because the opponent is lower to the ground.

Using Trident Rush (Down, Forward + Light)

This attack is fairly safe on block, only punishable by the Super Moves of Superman and The Flash. Trident Rush quickly hits four times, allowing it to break some armor attacks. When this attack hits, it leaves Aquaman close to his opponent, with both fighters recovering at about the same time. Even when blocked, it still deals a good amount of block damage, inflicting upwards of 6%.

In open space, your Meter Burn Trident Rush will miss towards its later strikes unless you forward dash during the attack. You will need to rapidly and continually forward dash during the Meter Burn Trident Rush in order to prevent any of the trident strikes from whiffing in open space situations. If any part of the Meter Burn Trident Rush whiffs, your opponent has a very small window to backward dash away from the attack or interrupt you with a Super Move.

When your opponent is cornered, do not forward dash during your Meter Burn Trident Rush attack, as there’s no need to; the corner will not allow the push back that the attack has in open space, preventing any part of the attack from whiffing. Not using the forward dash during your Meter Burn Trident Rush against a cornered opponent will actually cause the attack to be made safer, only punished by Superman’s Super Move.

Meter Burn Trident Rush inflicts over 10% in block damage, making it a great tool on block or hit. You can cancel out of basic attacks and combo attack strings with your Trident Rush or Meter Burn Trident Rush, and inflict a good deal of damage to your opponent, whether the attack is blocked or hits.

Using Water Shield (Down, Down + Hard)

After putting up the Water Shield, charging the Hard button allows Aquaman to keep the shield up and absorb strikes and projectiles. Note that while Aquaman does not receive damage from absorbing projectiles, he is damaged by absorbing physical strikes.

Your Meter Burn Water Shield, on the other hand, can absorb your opponent’s up-close physical striking attacks, allowing you to explode your Water Shield as your opponent is attacking, causing damage and knocking the opponent back across the screen.

Using Water Of Life Character Power

Aquaman’s Character Power allows him to slip out of grounded attacks and block, even after being hit. He can activate at any time, be it before or during his opponent’s attacks, and can even activate as he is being hit. However, Aquaman cannot escape juggles by using his Character Power; the ability to escape and block out of combos only applies to grounded situations. When activating as he is being hit by an attack string, Aquaman cannot guard the next immediate attack, and will get hit by the next immediate attack of the combo string. At this point, he can then guard the following attack. If Aquaman has activated his Character Power before he gets hit, he will be able to guard immediately after he is hit (again, provided he is grounded).

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