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Injustice: Gods Among Us – Guide Preview – Aquaman – Best Combo Attacks

by Prima Games Staff

Aquaman packs a serious punch with his huge range of combo attacks, but which are the best we hear you ask? These are the best. Now go beat your friends like a pro.

From The Depths

Command: Back + Light, Medium

Hit Level: Low, Mid

Range: Sweep

Description: Aquaman uses his trident and quickly jabs his opponent’s legs, and then jabs them in the chest. This attack is only punished by Superman’s Super Move.

Deep Sea

Command: Forward + Medium, Light + Hard

Hit Level: Low

Range: Sweep

Description: Aquaman grabs his opponent by the feet using his trident, tosses the opponent into the air, and then stabs and throws the opponent to the ground. This is Aquaman’s staple combo ender–you can end every single combo with this attack. Deep Sea, however, is full combo punished when blocked.

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