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Injustice: Gods Among Us – Guide Preview – Killer Frost – Strategy

by Prima Games Staff

Learning the special moves, combos and basic attacks is one thing, but knowing how and when to use them is another. Thankfully, our official Injustice: Gods Among Us Guide is chock full of strategies to give you the edge over your opponents. Below our Major League Gaming writers go into detail with a Killer Frost extract.

Using Diamond Dust (Back + Light, Up + Hard)

The Diamond Dust string should be used in combination with Frost’s Forward + Hard move for high/low mix-ups.

This string is a fast low starter that ends with a launcher to start combos, which makes it a really scary string.

Against opponents that like to poke a lot or have good basic attacks that they can abuse, you should use Diamond Dust to counter-poke and punish them for big damage.

Diamond Dust is safe on block, so sometimes it’s good to just throw the move out for pressure or to keep your opponent blocking low.

When your opponent starts blocking low often to avoid getting launched, that’s the time to switch to Frost Kick, a fast overhead that can mean plenty of damage.

Using Tempest (Forward + Light, Light, Medium)

This is Killer Frost’s most damaging combo attack, which can lead into many other combos.

The third of the combo’s four hits can be canceled into a Special Move if you want to keep your opponent close to you, or you can let the whole attack finish and then cancel into any Special.

The problem with this strategy is that you will only be able to land Iceberg after the string because your opponent will have been launched far away.

Though you can still get a decent amount of damage from a Meter Burn Iceberg into the slide (Black Ice), it is best to cancel Tempest’s third hit, because you can do better and more damaging combos.

You also have the option to cancel out of Tempest’s third hit into an Arctic Frost (Forward + Light, Light, Hard) combo that is only three hits, but deals a bit more damage.

Using Frostbite (Down, Back + Light)

Frostbite is one of the best parries in the game because it’s fast and can parry most high and mid attacks.

If you are blocking one of your opponent’s strings and know that there is a gap in between the string that you can interrupt, you can pretty much mash Frostbite and then Meter Burn it to get a full punish.

Having an instant parry in this game is pretty scary, since a lot of moves have gaps in between. If a Frost player knows all the other characters’ strings that have gaps, the opponent likely can’t attack her because Frost can squeeze into those gaps to punish the opponent any time she has one bar of meter.

Learn and study all other characters’ attacks, memorize all the gaps every string has, and you will be become one scary player to attack up close.

Using Iceberg (Down, Back + Medium)

Iceberg is a Special Move that is best used offensively, but can also be utilized as a defensive tool.

You can combo most of Killer Frost’s strings into the Iceberg and then combo again out of it, which opens up a lot of possibilities.

The timing on connecting another move after performing the Iceberg is a little strict, but with practice it can be perfected.

Remember, you can always Meter Burn the Iceberg, which pops the opponent higher into the air, allowing for easier follow-ups.

Even though this move is not safe on block, it can be used to stop characters with good projectiles.

Even though you might trade hits with an opponent, Iceberg deals solid damage, so you might win the trade half the time, depending on how strong your opponent’s projectile is.

From full screen it is safe to spam this move, as a lot of characters don’t have super fast moves that can travel full screen, save for Superman’s Super or a character with a fast teleport like Ares.

Using Black Ice (Back, Down + Hard)

Black Ice is arguably the best low attack in the game for a lot of reasons. This low travels 3/4 of the screen at a high speed, slips under high-hitting projectiles, and is completely safe when blocked.

What really makes this move dangerous is Frost’s ability to combo after the move hits, and her combos deal a pretty good amount of damage even without meter use.

With one meter segment, she deals even more damage. You can pretty much spam this move until it hits when your opponent has no meter or doesn’t have a move with armor that is meterless.

When your opponent has meter, you have to be more careful when using the slide because your opponent can be waiting for it and punish you with an armored Forward or Back + Hard.

Using Frozen Daggers (Back, Forward + Light)

Frozen Daggers are a good tool to use in a projectile war because they do more damage than most projectiles, are quick, and are only punishable by the fastest attacks in the game—plus the opponent has to be close.

If the daggers are blocked from full screen, the opponent can’t move right away because you can keep him or her in check with the Iceberg Special Move.

That means your opponent has to block before he or she can do anything. When Killer Frost has the health lead, she can pretty much run away from her opponent and start her keep-away game.

It can be hard for certain characters to hit Frost when she wants to run away, because her air dash and ground back dash are great, plus the opponent has to always worry about her Frozen Daggers, Iceberg, and slide.

Opponents fighting Killer Frost can’t just dash forward; they have to think carefully how they want to get in.

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