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Injustice: Gods Among Us Guide Preview – Wonder Woman – Introduction

by Prima Games Staff

Wonder Woman has one of the most effective 50/50 mix-ups in the entire game. She also has great mobility and great air attacks.

Her parry is the absolute best parry in the game, as it parries both strikes and projectiles.

Her Sword stance is not too effective though. The main benefit to Sword stance is the ability to receive less block damage, which would help her greatly versus characters with powerful projectiles if her parry in Lasso stance wasn’t a much better asset.

Her Lasso stance parry not only parries projectiles, but Wonder Woman takes no damage from the attack and she also builds meter for just performing parry.

Lasso stance is the stance that you should be in, as it has better damage, better mobility, better 50/50 mix-ups, better range, and a parry.

The only downside to Wonder Woman is that she has trouble when she finds herself down in the life lead versus a powerful projectile character.

Her ability to parry projectiles becomes less useful when she is now forced to approach her opponent in an attempt to regain the life lead and win the fight.

Interactive Object Type: Power

Super Move

Justice Javelin

Hit Level: Mid

Range: 1/2 Screen

Description: Wonder Woman unleashes a devastating assault with the help of her Amazonian sisters, ending with one final deadly blow from her sword.

This attack is full combo punished when blocked.

Character Power

Style Change

Command: Press the Power button

Description: Wonder Woman can switch between her Lasso and Sword stance. From Lasso stance, Wonder Woman is faster, more mobile, and deals more damage.

From Sword stance, Wonder Woman takes reduced block damage, but also deals less damage and moves slower with less mobility.

Wonder Woman also loses access to a few Special Move options while in Sword stance as well as her Air Dash.

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