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Injustice: Gods Among Us Guide Preview – Batman – Best Combo Attacks

by Prima Games Staff

With the recent release of the Injustice: Gods Among Us demo, we wanted to give you bat-fans a sneak peek into our upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us Prima Official Game Guide. Here are Batman’s best combo attacks!

Tricky Bat

Injustice: Batman 1

Command: Light, Medium, Medium

Hit Level: High, Mid, Mid

Range: Close

Description: Tricky Bat is an attack string that begins high and ends overhead. This combo attack knocks the opponent backwards, and when blocked is punishable by fast Special Moves. For example Batman himself can punish Tricky Bat with his Slide Kick.

Mind Games

Injustice: Batman 2

Command: Light, Medium, Hard

Hit Level: Mid, High, Low

Range: Close

Description: Mind Games begins the same way as Tricky Bat, but instead of ending with an overhead attack, it finishes low and is a combo starter. Unlike Tricky Bat, Mind Games can only be punished by the fastest basic attacks in the game at point blank range, as well as Kryptonian Crush, Superman’s Super Move.

Stay Down

Injustice: Batman 3

Command: Back + Medium, Hard

Hit Level: High, Overhead, High

Range: Close

Description: Batman swipes at his opponent, lays a bomb, and then quickly rolls away as it explodes, resulting in a knockdown. Opponents can jump or back dash as Batman is planting the Batarang Bomb on the ground. This attack is punished by any Super Move that advances fast enough and far enough to reach Batman.


Injustice: Batman 4

Command: Back + Light, Light, Hard

Hit Level: Low, Mid, Mid

Range: Close

Description: Darkness is a string that begins low and ends mid, and gives a combo opportunity when it hits.

High Tech

Injustice: Batman 5

Command: Back + Light, Light, Medium

Hit Level: Low, Mid, Overhead

Range: Close

Description: High Tech is similar to Darkness, but starts low and ends overhead. When it hits the opponent, High Tech causes an knockdown that cannot be Tech Rolled out of.

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