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Improved Battery Life Nintendo Switch Model Announced

by Nicholas Barth

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the most popular video games consoles in the world thanks to its unique design and library of entertaining titles.

As with other consoles, the Nintendo Switch will soon have different models that players can get their hands on if they wish to have something else than the original design. The first of these new versions for the console was the Nintendo Switch Lite and is a strictly handheld version of the fan-favorite console. Another new version of the Nintendo Switch was revealed on Wednesday, July 17th and while it consists of the same overall design of the original console, it offers a much-improved feature. 

This new Nintendo Switch model offers a highly improved battery life when compared to the original model. According to Nintendo, this new model of the console will have an improved battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours compared to the 2.5 to 6.5-hour battery life of the current Nintendo Switch model. 

It will also provide an improved battery life over the Nintendo Switch Lite, as the Lite currently boasts a battery life of 3 to 7 hours. 

Interested individuals will be able to get their hands of this new Nintendo Switch model and its improved battery life beginning in August. 

Nicholas Barth

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