A brand new Limited Time Mode is available right now in Fortnite called Impossible Escape. For those interested in giving this LTM a try, there are two options available including PvE and PvP.

With PvE, you’ll need to avoid environmental hazards like raptors, complete tasks, link up with another player and work together to accomplish the main goal which is escaping the island by helicopter. Good thing there are multiple helicopters available in PvE! 

Speaking of which, PvP is similar, but only one team will be able to escape the island as there’s only one helicopter available. As such, you’ll need to battle other players in order to claim a spot on the escape chopper.

Interested in learning more? Join us in taking a quick look at the new Impossible Escape Limited Time Mode in Fortnite! 

Impossible Escape Limited Time Mode Available Now in Fortnite

Impossible Escape is the newest Limited Time mode available in Fortnite. The LTM will be available from now until May 25 at 9:00 a.m. (ET). While the LTM is live, you’ll be able to play in two different ways: PvE and PvP.

On the Fortnite blog, Impossible Escape is teased as follows: 

“You’ve awakened on the Island, realizing you weren’t extracted after your last Squads match. Stranded with 15 others, you now must prove you’re capable of overcoming the wild by making an escape.

The reward for victory in this “Impossible Escape” Limited Time Mode? Not just securing freedom but also the new Impossible Odds Loading Screen and Escapist Umbrella.”

The blog post goes on to elaborate upon how each version – PvE and PvP – works. In PvE, there are three “Choppas” that can be used for escape. In PvP, there’s only one. Not only will you need to board one of these Choppas, you’ll also need to acquire four parts needed to repair the Choppa and get it in flying shape. 

Once that’s settled, one player will need to pilot the Choppa and fly it to an escape point. Everyone who makes it onto a Choppa and escape wins, and whether you’re playing PvE or PvP, coordinating with your teammate is key to making this happen. 

And this adds another element of challenge because you will spawn on the island alone. When you run across another player (in PvE) you have the opportunity to squad up with them and communicate with them using in-game chat (when enabled).

A squad can contain up to four players. In PvE, none of your squad members can harm you. In PvP, this obviously isn’t the case. 

If you manage to escape successfully in Impossible Escape’s PvE version, you’ll earn the Impossible Odds Loading Screen. If you manage to escape successfully in Impossible Escape’s PvP version, you’ll earn the Escapist Umbrella. 

Again, Impossible Escape (PvE, PvP) will be available from now until May 25 at 9:00 a.m. (ET).

If you’re interested in giving this cool Limited Time Mode a try, or you simply want to earn the rewards on offer including the Impossible Odds Loading Screen and Escapist Umbrella, be sure to hop into Fortnite before May 25 and play Impossible Escape!

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