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I Am Jesus Christ Simulator Getting a Kickstarter Campaign and Free Demo

by Morgan Shaver

Way, way back in December 2019 (it feels like centuries ago at this point) a trailer for a simulator game called I Am Jesus Christ was released. The trailer footage showed the unusual sight of being able to play as Jesus Christ and perform miracles.

While the idea of playing Jesus Christ in a first-person narrative simulator game is odd to say the least, we imagine the game will have some appeal to Christian gamers looking for a new way to experience one of The Bible’s greatest stories. The only downside to the game at this point is that it isn’t finished so we have no idea what the final product actually looks like.

Although, a demo is reportedly releasing in a few months that’ll help give you a better idea as to how a game about Jesus Christ is played. 

I Am Jesus Christ Simulator Getting a Kickstarter Campaign and Free Demo

Developer SimulaM has been hard at work on a simulator game like no other that puts gamers in the shoes (sandals?) of one of the most iconic men in all of history, Jesus Christ. Even if you aren’t Christian and didn’t grow up around Christianity, you probably know who Jesus Christ is and are familiar with some of the highlights of his story. 

Namely, being the Son of God born from the Virgin Mary, performed miracles, was crucified for our sins, died, and then came back to life. In the simulator I Am Jesus Christ, you’ll get to experience Christ’s life from birth until death. 

The official description for the game explains this in a far more exciting manner.

“Go back in time over 2,000 years and follow the same path as Jesus Christ, from his baptism to the resurrection. Inspired by the New Testament stories, ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ is a simulation like no other.

Are you prepared to fight with Satan in the desert, cure the sick and help the needy? Perform over 30 iconic miracles from the feeding of the 5,000 and healing lepers to the calming of the sea and giving sight to the blind.

Recharge the Holy Spirit’s power through prayer as brand new concepts work in conjunction with timeless tales. ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ is inspired by the New Testament and hopes to spread the Gospel uniquely and engagingly.

Journey through over 10 hours of gameplay across the desert, water and mountains. All culminating in the famous story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.”

Other tidbits include being able to visit recreations of locations like Galilee and Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ’s life, and over 60 interactable characters including Christ’s disciples. Yes, you get to walk on water, and yes, you’ll be able to dine at The Last Supper. You are Jesus Christ, after all.

If you’re eager and excited to play the game, the bad news is that it’s not ready just yet. The good news is that SimulaM plans to release a free demo of the game on Steam sometime later this year, likely around Summer 2021.

No exact release date for the demo has been set as of the time of this writing. In addition to the demo, SimulaM plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the game to help fund development and get it where it needs to be in order to release. If you’re a fan of the project for wholesome reasons, or because the game has great meme potential, you can back the game once the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

For more on I Am Jesus Christ, check out the latest devlog video embedded below that goes over the progress made over the last year of the game’s development.


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