Hyper Scape Open Beta Starts Today

Want to check out Ubisoft's Hyper Scape, a new battle royale experience? The open beta starts today

Ubisoft is jumping into the battle royale hype with Hyper Scape, a post-apocalyptic take that basically looks like Ready Player One made into a game. Players got to dive in with a closed beta earlier this month, now there is an open beta for all to enjoy to see exactly what this game experience has to offer.

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For those that were a part of the closed beta, there are a few new features you have to look forward to. “First, Prisma Dimensions has deployed the HARPY throughout Neo Arcadia,” mentions Ubisoft in a recent blog post about the new beta that started today. “The Harpy is an SMG-based weapon that excels in close-to-mid-quarters combat. Use it to your advantage to quickly eliminate any opponents who are bringing the pressure.

“Your weapon arsenal isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded. You will now also find the SHOCKWAVE HACK. Shockwave is a powerful AOE blast that can be used to push away rival Contenders and give you some extra breathing room while you secure the Crown.”

Twitch is also integrated once more with a new extension experience as well:

  • You can now progress your Battle Pass by watching a streamer with CrownCast activated for up to 2 tiers a day.
  • Streamers can now directly (and easily) invite their viewers into their squad!
  • A new event has been added—Haste—that increases the game’s speed for all Contenders.

The open beta for Hyper Scape will feature a total of four game modes including the popular Crown Rush Squad mode, the Crown Rush Solo mode, Hack Runner Squad, and Turbo Mode Squad. There will also be cosmetic purchases as well with Bitcrowns and through the Uplay store, which will reportedly carry over when the game fully launches later this year.

It’ll be interesting to see how Hyper Scape evolves in a climate that houses Warzone, Fortnite, and many more battle royale adventures on the way. Thoughts on Ubisoft’s BR take? Sound off with your take on the latest game from this studio over on Twitter @PrimaGames.

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