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Hunted: Kala Moor or Bust

by Prima Games Staff

Generally, you don’t march into the heart of the enemy’s fortress on a human relief effort. Yet, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge as you attempt to rescue a caravan of human slaves from a terrible fate at the hands of a magically corrupted dragon-hunter and his Wargar minions.

Fortunately, you’re not the average mercenary who’s lucky he even owns a sword. You get to play Caddoc and E’lara, two of the best monster-slayers in the world of dungeon crawling. Caddoc is a hulking human warrior with brains more than a match for brawn. He cautiously analyzes tactical situations and cuts down foes as effectively as possible with a host of enchanted axes, maces, and swords. E’lara, on the other hand, is the impulsive elven archer who would just as soon step into an enemy trap if it means a chance at a mound of gold. Her bows range from the slow, uber-powerful kind to the fast, rapid-fire variety, and enemies tend to see the sharp pointy end of an arrow before she has to break out her sword.

After logging hundreds of Hunted hours, we’ve packed the official guide with strategies on these two distinct play styles. Caddoc’s melee tendencies stick in the enemy’s craw, and his Weapon Magic abilities complement his formidable hack-and-slash moves. Primal Rage beefs up Caddoc’s damage, Dash gives him a potent maneuver against targets a short distance away, and Wind of Wrath levitates surrounding foes and makes them easy targets for E’lara’s arrows. Not that E’lara needs the help. Her ranged attacks equal Caddoc’s damage output, though she tends to hang back and support her warrior partner with icy Arctic Arrows that freeze foes, fiery Pyre Blasts that explode against multiple enemies, and Arcane Burst shots that punch through armor. No matter the combat situation—handful of Wargar or boss battle against the Archghoul—we deliver the play tips to work in perfect tandem for co-op play or if you’re in control of one partner while the computer takes the other.

The guide’s walkthrough section clocks in over 150 of the 240 pages, and you get a chapter-by-chapter breakdown from the town and dungeon of Dyfed; through the wilds of Govad to the ruined City of Llyr; and into the depths of Kala Moor, home of the Demon Forge. Each walkthrough chapter showcases maps with the optimal path to complete all story objectives. Besides navigation directions and combat strategies for all encounters, the walkthrough maps and text detail the exact positions for hundreds of collectibles: Crystal Chests, Deathstone Corpses, Dragon Tears, Gold, Prisoners. Plus, you’ll know where every secret passage, puzzle trigger, obelisk, and enchanted weapon rack resides in the game. Make no mistake—Hunted’s epic journey covers a massive amount of ground, and you won’t find all the hidden goodies in the nooks and crannies without the official guide.

So the next time you feel like kicking in some Wargar teeth, or just want to hear Caddoc crack a joke about E’lara’s sexy swimwear, boot up Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and crack open the official guide so you can master every twist and turn.


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