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Hunted: Enemy Infiltration

by Prima Games Staff

Your first few steps in the Town of Dyfed introduce you to a Wargar. Within seconds it dines on something “unappetizing,” and its actions put the monster at the bottom of your friends list. Moments later you meet more Wargar, and Caddac and E’lara battle with supernaturally-strong Wargar wielding swords, brandishing shields, slinging bows, sporting armor, and quaffing magic liquid. Your head is spinning, and only Prima’s Official Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Guide can quickly focus your attention on what’s important…

How do you tell the difference between a Wargar Soldier, Wargar Warrior, and Wargar Guardian?

 Soldiers carry only a sword; Warriors haul around weapons and shields; Guardians carry big shields and strap on heavy armor.

Who’s firing arrows at you from cover?

 Take note of the incoming arrow—plain arrows mean Wargar Archers, Scorchers’ arrows streak red, and a Blastcaster’s spiraling arrow explodes if it doesn’t strike you directly.

Knowledge is power, and the official guide gives you the knowledge to overpower all your enemies. The guide’s “Bestiary” section lists every foe in the game, including each chapter’s boss. We’ve painstakingly detailed each enemy’s resistances and vulnerabilities, as well as where you first encounter it, the creature’s abilities, description, and combat tips. Plus, we’ve included a handy chart that matches each monster with specific Battle/Weapon Magic attacks and immediately shows you whether a creature is immune or vulnerable to the attack. At a glance, you can calculate the best magic to fell a creature, without having to waste precious mana experimenting with attacks that may only inflict negligible damage (or bounce off completely).

Alas, the Wargar are not your only concern. Once you’ve mastered strategies against the game’s most prevalent creature type, you still have to deal with Crawlers, Archghouls, Blind Dragons, Dreads, Eyes of Annuvin, Harridans, Minotaurs, Skeletons, and Hunted’s tougher bosses. How do you defeat a charging Minotaur Juggernaut, crack mounds of Skeleton bones, or slay the rapidly teleporting Harridan? We’ll show you.

The official guide’s “Gear Catalog” ensures you’ll never be at a loss against any opponent. We’ve listed stats for every single weapon, piece of armor, and shield—including secret weapons only received by uncovering a series of hidden puzzles. Will you choose Caddoc’s Frost Ripper axe over his Spider Fang sword? Do you prefer E’lara’s Life Bane longbow, Dragon’s Wrath hunter’s bow, or Elven Glory repeating bow? The guide’s 150 pages of combat strategy will prepare you for the ideal gear choices and turn you into the ultimate, merciless mercenary. With the guide in hand, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is how fast to kill your target…


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