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Humble Bundle Reintroducing Donation Limits

by Lucas White

Earlier this year, Humble Bundle began quietly rolling out changes to how customers pay for its bundle content. For years, customers were able to fully customize where their money went, even giving 100% to a designated charity. The changes were widely criticized, and were removed quickly.

Now, Humble Bundle is getting ahead of reintroducing a new, similar system.

Humble Bundle Reintroducing Donation Limits

The news comes from Humble Bundle’s official blog, where some of the upcoming changes are described. The sliders, which disappeared before, will remain. However, there will be a minimum percentage that goes to Humble. In the blog post, it’s noted that said minimum can be from 15 to 30% depending on the content. 

Kotaku followed up with Humble after the fact, and got a little more clarification on the changes from executive Alan Patmore.

Essentially, what he said is due to how the market has changed particularly with online storefronts, the costs to offer bundles has risen. In the previous change, the majority of the money was going to publishers rather than Humble, so it remains to be seen how these options play out.

The blog post states that Humble will use the extra money to offer “more exciting content.” It also stated there will still be things like “100% to charity bundles.” We’ll see how this all plays out for ourselves once the planned Humble Bundle changes roll out in mid-July.

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