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House of the Dead Remake and Some Other Games Revealed in April’s Indie World Showcase

by Lucas White

Holy smokes, Forever Entertainment has moved from Panzer Dragoon to House of the Dead. And Nintendo decided it needed to be buried in an indie games montage! That’s weird and confusing!

Anyway, yes, Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase aired today, and several games were revealed, confirmed for Nintendo Switch or dated. Highlights included the Ninja Turtles, Oxenfree 2 and Aztech Forgotten Gods.

The showcase was briskly paced, rattling off games and dates without much time to let anything really settle. The marquee titles appeared to be Cris Tales, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, OlliOlli World and the “one more thing” spot was for Oxenfree 2.

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Weirdly enough there was stuff we haven’t seen before in the highlight reel, which included the dang House of the Dead Remake from Forever Entertainment. Last time I checked Sega wasn’t considered an indie company but hey, House of the Dead rules.

Here’s a full trailer for that:

Another notable moment was a game from Konami (another scrappy, little indie company) called GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. This game appears to be a stylish, sidescrolling “Soulslike,” and a new iteration (or remake?) of a lesser-known Konami Famicom release from 1987. The new trailer isn’t deemed embed-friendly, so here’s a look at the original instead.

A final, personal highlight was the aforementioned Aztech Forgotten Gods, which looks like a pretty huge character action game inspired by more recent AAA trends and Mexican mythology. It sports a ton of big, colorful boss battles and a main character who uses a massive arm gauntlet sort of weapon to do big punches. 

Check out the video itself for everything, which includes yet another Fez port. That’s just going to keep popping up everywhere, isn’t it? Let us know what you think of all the new stuff coming to Switch over at Prima Games’ Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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