Those of you who like their mobile games got a double dose of irresistible action this week, courtesy of Sega and WB Games.

First up, Sega has released the iOS version of its hit shooter House of the Dead: Overkill in a new iteration subtitled The Lost Reels.  In the game you'll travel through three "remixed" worlds from the original game, blowing away zombies using one of three different control types – virtual pad, gyro controls, and the unlockable "tap frenzy" mode.  You'll also be able to try out a new Survival Mode and earn upgrades over the course of the game, which come in handy for mowing down the undead.

If you're looking for something more kid friendly, WB Games' Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes will fit the bill.  A portable version of last year's comic book caper, this adventure pits Lego Batman and Robin against some of Gotham's worst, while occasionally turning to other Legoized DC heroes  to lend a hand.

Both games will run you $4.99 a pop, and you can download them through the App Store now.  The only question now is if you're in the mood for shotgun justice or throwing Batarangs.  They both sound quite awesome…