One of the coolest games we saw during Sony's independent PlayStation Network showcase was the console/portable version of Hotline Miami, the over-the-top action game where you kill enemies the best way you know how – through brute force – while wearing a variety of animal masks.  Now, the Hotline is finally dialing its way to a release.

Sony confirmed that the game will launch this Tuesday on PlayStation Network, and will be Cross-Buy compatible with both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.  The game will feature a new mask, Russell the Bull, along with online leaderboards, unlockable Trophies and touch-screen aiming on the Vita, which will come in handy when guys with shotguns try to kill you.

No word on price, but it's expected to cost between $9.99 and $14.99.  That's a small price to pay for a whole lot of carnage – especially if you can do some considerable damage with the Bull mask.  Imagine the possibilities of goring enemies.  

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