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Hotline Miami 2 Getting Hard Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Hotline Miami is one of the toughest video games around. With the upcoming sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the developers want to make it even harder.

The game will feature an unlockable higher difficulty mode for each of its levels, according to developer Dennaton Games. The levels will unlock by achieving a C+ grade or higher on your first runthrough, making enemies more aggressive and taking away your ability to aim with the right analog stick.

“In normal mode, it’s pretty much the same (as Hotline Miami),” said Dennaton’s Dennis Wedin, speaking with Polygon. “We will add a hard mode to the game, like in the way Super Meat Boy works.

“We added this because some people said that the first game was too easy,” he continued. “So we wanted to give them something more. Also, all the players trying to beat the world record or top the leaderboards – we wanted to give them more stuff to be good at.”

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will launch on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC and Mac early next year.


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