Hot New Trailer for Disgaea®D2: A Brighter Darkness

The second trailer for Disgaea®D2: A Brighter Darkness was just released. Check it out!

NIS just released a smokin’ new trailer for Disgaea®D2: A Brighter Darkness. The Golden Way or the Evil Way . . . which will you choose?

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About Disgaea® D2: A Brighter Darkness:
The Netherworld — a place where might makes right and today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies. After a long journey with many ups and downs, Laharl finally finds himself as a full-fledged Overlord. However, the other denizens of the Netherworld do not see him as such, so he sets out on a journey with his loyal(!?) vassals to receive the respect he deserves. Along the way, Laharl will meet a girl who claims to be his sister, demons with bigger than usual chips on their shoulders, and find out that even his own body holds a few surprises for him…


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