Horizon Zero Dawn Receives First Patch to Combat PC Issues

Guerrilla Games has released the first patch to tackle PC issues for Horizon Zero Dawn players.

Fans were thrilled to finally get their hands on the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, but it appears that some players were not having the best experience. In fact, the list of issues with the port quickly grew, prompting the developers at Guerrilla Games to note how these very issues were their “highest priority.” Thankfully, they are taking player feedback to heart and have now released the first patch to tackle some of the PC issues.

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One of the biggest issues players were experiencing with Horizon Zero Dawn on PC was the game crashing upon startup. Patch 1.01 helps a bit with this, clearing up a few of the causes for said crashes, but the developers note that not all have been dealt with yet. One of the main issues causing crashes was the SteamUI not initializing properly upon startup, but the patch has fixed that. There have also been a few functionality issues that have been fixed, including Concentration and other slowdown mechanics not working for some players, some profile names containing special characters preventing players from saving the game or even screenshots in Photo Mode, and more.

“We’re very grateful for all the reports and posts from our players so far,” Guerrilla said in a Reddit post. “Some issues still need more investigation and testing, so our team is hard at work on the next patch which will go live next week.”

Other issues that have been fixed in the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port with the 1.01 patch include “several backend issues,” video corruption for specific hardware, and more. While the latest patch for the popular game does not take care of everything that has plagued PC players’ experiences, it’s a good start. After being regarded as one of the best new IPs of the current generation of hardware, there is no denying that fans were excited to see how the title would perform on PC. Once all of the issues are cleared up, it will be smooth sailing for Aloy and company. You can find the full patch notes right here.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4, with patch 1.01 being available to download right now for PC. If it is more Horizon goodness that you are seeking, whether it’s about the PC port or the highly anticipated sequel, be sure to check out our game hub!

What do you think about all of this? Are you glad to see that Guerrilla Games is working quickly to ensure the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn is running at its best? Have you been experiencing any of the issues on PC? Let us know what you are thinking over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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