During the PlayStation State of Play today we saw 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, which featured a number of improvements and changes over the first game.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Shows Expanded Arsenal & Combat

The gameplay shows Aloy working her way through a beach setting near the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a mixture of gameplay and in-game cinematics. The gameplay, which can be seen below, shows off a brand-new glider, new super moves, and a grappling hook. 

The game features enhanced visuals and more vegetation and wildlife on the screen. It certainly feels next-gen on a visual level. Between the overgrown city ruins and the underwater flora, Horizon Forbidden West is a sight to behold. 

The State of Play did not have a release date, but in a follow-up Tweet from Guerrilla Games it said it will have more updates and a date for fans soon. You can see the Tweet below.

While this was a hefty presentation and showed off a lot of new mechanics, there are still so many questions to answer. We didn’t see anything that links to any major plot threads from the first game but we did see a familiar face from Horizon Zero Dawn, Erend. 

Horizon Forbidden West is releasing on the PlayStation 5 and 4 at some point.

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