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For Honor Update Adds New Classes, Multiplayer Modes and More

by Prima Games Staff

In the new preview of For Honor, a total of three new classes, a new multiplayer mode and more were revealed. The new playable heroes each of these heroes comes from one of the Knight, Samurai and Viking factions respectively.

From the Knights faction comes the Peacekeeper, an assassin whose offense focuses on quick and deadly attacks. Despite their weak defense, they are exceptionally skilled in the art of counters and swiftly evading enemy blows. Wielding a short sword and a poisoned dagger, the Peacekeeper can cause enemies to bleed out if they aren’t too careful.

Warlords hail from the Vikings faction, and their name only reaffirms that this is their rightful place. They are aggressive foes that carry a strong wooden shield and sharp, lethal blade. This combination makes for some heavy heroes who have developed a uniform sense of offense and defense. A Warlord’s heavy attacks can’t be stopped by even the strongest of heroes, and their ability to block from all angles gives them quite the advantage in combat.

Known as the Guardians of the Samurai, the Shugoki are a demonic entity that can handle a rather fierce beating. This is because they have the highest HP of all the classes in For Honor, and that in combination with their Kanabo attacks, make these heavy hitting heroes, a strong force to be reckoned with. They may be slow, but they make up for this with their strong, hard-to-stop blows that can send enemies hurtling into the distance.

The Faction War, Map Variations and Elimination Mode

The closed For Honor beta will present players with their first taste of the Faction War, which is a cross-platform conflict between the Samurai, Vikings and Knights. This war factors in every multiplayer battle across the PS4, Xbox One and PC, that takes place within the For Honor territories. There are three timetables that impact the war, and these are Turns, Rounds and Seasons.

Turns take place every six hours, awarding factions with control over territories if they manage to place the most War Assets on it. Rounds occur every two weeks, and award players of the faction possessing the most territories with Scavenger Crates and Steel (For Honor currency). Seasons, which are 10 weeks long, reward the faction with the most round wins with Scavenger Crates, Steel, and other gear for your heroes.

During this ongoing war, the maps that you’ll play on in multiplayer will change depending on the Front that it’s located on. Each front features a different aesthetic, with over 48 map variations in total. Following the official launch of For Honor, DLC such as maps and more, will also be determined by the Faction War.

A new mode has been added to multiplayer called Elimination, where 2 teams of 4 players will face off against each other in a team deathmatch of sorts. Whichever team can eliminate all the players of the opposing team first, are the winners. This mode presents a few new challenges, such as the revive mechanic and stat boosts. The revive mechanic allows players to revive teammates that have been eliminated. This can be prevented by enemies if they deal a heavy attack as their last and fatal blow, further preventing that hero from being revived. Stat boosts can be found sprinkled throughout the maps. Standing in the glow of the boost will give your character temporary increases to a particular stat such as attack or defense.

Single Player Hero Campaigns

Two new campaigns were added to For Honor that include new Viking and Knights missions. The new Vikings mission will set the tone for the story of this faction with the Raider. It will be up to you to lead your fellow raiders to victory by reclaiming what’s rightfully yours and extinguishing a vile enemy. The Knights mission wraps up the story of its faction with the Peacekeeper, as she stealthly infiltrates a Viking fort to disable transportation of their troops and resources.

Upcoming Closed Beta

Ubisoft revealed that a For Honor beta will be coming in January of next year. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the closed Beta for a chance to gain access. It will be our first look at what the Faction War will be like post launch of the game. During this time, all cross-platform multiplayer activity will be documented, and the faction that wins the War of the Factions will receive exclusive rewards.

Participants in the For Honor closed beta will also get rewards, just for being involved in the experience. The way the War of the Factions works is that you can choose whichever hero you want play with in multiplayer, but you’ll be asked to pledge allegiance to one faction. All battles you win (or lose) in multiplayer will count towards the faction you’ve sworn allegiance to. Warriors! Which faction will you choose?

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