Honkai: Star Rail’s Nameless Honor Battlepass Receives a Minor but Beneficial Update for Overachievers

Days of money problems will soon be over

Nameless Honor Details in Honkai: Star Rail
Image from HoYoLabs Nameless Details Update

In Honkai: Star Rail’s recent 1.5 update, the Nameless Honor received some alterations, namely due to the levels that players can now unlock, whereas previously the cap ended at 50, but has now been extended to level 70. 

There won’t be any outstanding rewards that can be gained from level 50 to 70, but rather additional resources depending on which path you have unlocked. In the standard free version, for each level gained above the previous cap of 50, players can get 10,000 Credits per level. However, if players have unlocked the Nameless Glory or the Nameless Medal, the additional rewards that will be granted to them will be 20 Relic Remains per level unlocked. 

This may not seem like much at first, but credits are needed for leveling up characters, relics, and light cones, while Relic Remains can be used to create new relics so players can save on the grind. Instead of extending the Battlepass, HoYoverse seemed to make the change so that players who easily reach Level 50 in the battlepass continue to get rewards to tide them over until the next one begins. 

In addition to the Nameless Honor being extended, whenever players unlock the Nameless Glory, instead of achieving 680 Stellar Jades when they reach Level 50, they will gain that immediately whenever they pay for the second tier. While the rewards were jumbled around a bit to account for this new development, 200 Relic Remains have been added to the Battlepass in exchange for the Stellar Jades.

Though this may seem like a small update, and it is, having the Nameless Honor extended makes for player efforts to be rewarded when they may have been bossing a little too close to the sun. Now, they can get extra credits for the characters they are building and have the added Relic Remains that can help create some relics in case you need a particular one. 

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