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Honkai: Star Rail’s Current Pre-Registration Count Guarantees a Free Character

Star Rail's Featured Rockstar!

by Jordan Lemons

Stay winning, Trailblazers! Hoyoverse and Cognoverse are currently running out Pre-Registration Rewards for the number of players signing up for the notice when Honkai: Star Rail is officially out. Available on Android, Apple, and PC, players can ready up for the game’s destined release date and receive notices of any game updates ’till then! Once Honkai: Star Rail becomes available, it can be automatically downloaded to your mobile library, so be sure to clear out space!

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Get Ready to Ignite: Serval is Arriving on Scene in Honkai: Star Rail

At Tier Four of the Pre-Registration Rewards, Hoyoverse promises to grant us a free character called Serval. A rocking mechanic from Belagog, she’s the eldest daughter of the Landau family but isn’t known for her duties and nobility. Rather, she’s more commonly spotted in her workshop where you may be able to find her tinkering on some projects or turning that workspace into a concert to rock out with instead!

In terms of gameplay, we can look forward to Serval being set on the Path of Erudition. This may not mean much to new players gearing up for the game, but Honkai: Star Rail will have Seven Branches of different playstyles. Those who follow The Erudition will have exceptional multi-target AOE damage and Serval in particular will wield the Lightning Element. Additionally, she’ll be bringing her prized guitar into battle which can double as a claymore. With a singular strum of the guitar strings, she can bring down rains of lighting upon any who dare to oppose her. 

Having broken through Tier Four, Trailblazers can look forward to aiming for 5,000,000 players to pre-register so that all new gamers coming into Honkai: Star Rail can receive x15 Star Rail Passes. Trailblazers can look forward to 20 free pulls (or Wishes) upon completion of the Pre-Registration Rewards, so keep working hard and get the word out for Honkai: Star Rails! Keep looking forward until April 26!

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