Honkai: Star Rail Trailblazes Another Pregistration Campaign for PlayStation Release

A chance for more prizes? Don’t mind if I do

Astral Express Crew Aboard Honkai: Star Rail
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The PlayStation 5 version of Honkai: Star Rail is coming sooner than we thought, and it just wouldn’t do for HoYoverse to let us go empty-handed. In celebration of the game coming to a new console, there is a new preregistration campaign running that will involve rewards to help new users get started on their Trailblazing journey. 

Similar to the preregistration requirements leading up to Honkai: Star Rail’s original release on mobile and PC, rewards can be gained or unlocked by achieving a certain threshold of players who sign up for the PlayStation 5 version. Although the rewards are quite different, they do still include Leveling Material as well as Relics and a Free Four-Star Light Cone to help get new players started.

This time, the goals are organized into three tiers, the highest of which is to gain 1 million registrations for the release. And while the prizes differ from before and do not include a character such as Serval, new players to the PlayStation 5 can expect to still get the rewards that were granted upon the first release of Honkai: Star Rail. 

New and old rewards should still be sent to the player’s mail once they have completed a majority of the prologue for the game. Beginner events such as the Beginner Warp Banner should also be available, as well as the Trailblazer Event, where once new players get farther along in player experience, they’ll gain Star Rail Passes to use on the banners as old players had prior.

There are also physical rewards available as Honkai: Star Rail rolls out another raffle to earn prizes, the crowning prize being a PlayStation 5 base edition console. Be sure to check out this link to preregister for the new version and enter in for a chance to earn some real-world prizes outside of the game. If Honkai: Star Rail players manage to hit all tiers possible, then there will be prizes for all new and old gamers across all platforms!

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