Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Update Brings Three New Characters That Seem Oddly Familiar

Sucrose, Diluc, what are you doing here??

Huo Huo and Argentin from Honkai: Star Rail
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On the eve of every preview stream for the next update, Honkai: Star Rail has consistently revealed what characters to look forward to further down the line. And these next characters have something about them that feels like I’ve seen them around before. It’s finally time to prepare for the following new characters in 1.5: Huo Huo and Argenti.

When the game first came out in April, it only took a few weeks before massive leaks of around 30 characters revealed future paths and Five-Stars that Honkai: Star Rail would preview down the line. Huo Huo and Argenti were among these characters, having these picturesque Light Cone-like portraits come out to debut them. 

Now they finally have their official and HoYoverse-endorsed drip marketing stating that Huo Huo, a character who belongs to the Path of Abundance and will wield the Wind element, will likely debut first since her post was the first to be featured by the official Twitter (or presently known as X) for Honkai: Star Rail. She is a fox-like character who has a ghostly tail that will actually speak with her and have another voice actor.

It is pretty funny to see that HoYoverse isn’t afraid to make nods to their other games, one previously being Honkai Impact 3rd and now Genshin Impact, since this character resembles another from their sister game, a young alchemist named Sucrose.

Argenti is the rumored Dollar-Store Diluc from Genshin Impact as Twitter (or X) has been known to joke about, but in Honkai: Star Rail, this character belongs to none other than the Knights of Beauty if you couldn’t tell from everything about him.

Argenti will be an Erudition Character, so he’ll be great for attacking multiple enemies and will wield the Physical Element. He is also a Five-Star like Huo Huo and will likely appear in the later phase of Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.5 update. 

Not only that but true to form, Honkai: Star Rail will also be featuring a new Four-Star Character that wasn’t in my predictions but is familiar nonetheless. Hanya is a character who has not been revealed in the overarching Trailblazer Story yet, but she has been displayed in the game. In the Light Cone, Return to Darkness (The Hunt), Hanya is seen holding a collapsed Xueyi, and although we’ve seen Xueyi in the game, we know her to be a puppet and working for the Luofu. While she may be playable down the line, Xueyi has not been announced for any future lineup just yet.

Hanya, however, is seen in multiple light cones, with Return to Darkness (The Hunt) being one of them, and in Under the Blue Sky (Destruction), where the two girls are depicted as younger. Clearly connected and struck by some tragedy, we will likely learn more about Hanya when she is released in the 1.5 update. From the Drip Marketing from Honkai: Star Rail, what we can tell about her character is that she belongs to Path of Harmony and will use the Physical Element. She is also one of the Ten-Lords Commission, working nearby or close to the puppet of Xueyi. 

And that concludes our new characters who will come out in 1.5; there will be a much-needed addition to the Abundance path, which had previously been lacking, and Harmony will also be receiving a much-needed boost. Be sure to tune in to the Honkai: Star Rail livestream or come back for an overview of what we can look forward to in future patches!

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